It is a lonely feeling when someone you care about becomes a stranger.

Lemony Snicket, When Did You See Her Last? (via phuonguyenx3)

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Erykah Badu Interviews Kendrick Lamar...

  • BADU: What do you, as a man, envy about what it means to be a woman?
  • LAMAR: There’s just a certain knowledge instilled in a woman. There are these things that women have that men just can’t grasp: the understanding of love; the understanding of being; having a certain type of care in your heart and knowing when to be compassionate; knowing how to be a confidante…

I belong to you and always have. Our day will come.

Amy Winehouse, from a letter to Blake Fielder-Civil (via violentwavesofemotion)

You were my world,
Until you found
another planet

An almost haiku for an almost us (via perfect)

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